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Respirator Fit Tesing

A Respiratory Medical Clearance must be completed and cleared by a medical professional, prior to any employee being fit tested - for mandatory use of a respirator, at work.
If a Pulmonary Function Test is required, for any reason, the employee should be referred to a Doctor or Clinic and will not be fit tested by our staff members, until a medical professional provides written medical clearance for the employee to wear a respirator - for the required amount of shift work hours required. 
Due to the hidden affects of some respiratory conditions, The Safety Relationship Experts™ recommend all employees required to wear an actual respirator mask - consult their Doctor(s) (at least once) before wearing a respirator.
Respirator Fit Testing is an annual requirement and must be performed with the mask seal directly contacting the face. Hair may not be present where the mask touches the face.
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