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The Audiosha™ Philosophy. Safety-Relationship™.

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

A brief introduction to The Safety Relationship™ Experts.

At Audiosha™, we keep it simple.

"Safety Missions, Safety Programs and Safety Promo Trends will never be sustaining (or even relevant), without first establishing a committed relationship with Safety. Additionally, a Safety-Relationship™ cannot grow, without accepting the existence of areas where your relationship is vulnerable. The truth can be uncomfortable, but denial hurts." - © Adam J. Lomax

It's probably obvious, but I will say it, anyway. At Audiosha™, we prefer partnerships over client lists. Any service provider can schedule a representative to show up and attempt to make your safety programs appear compliant.

Facility compliance is an ever-evolving, complex industry spanning environmental, health, safety, accessibility and accountability. So, how does all that translate into a search for the cheapest and quickest occupational safety testing provider or products purchased from unreliable sources? It doesn't. If you are searching for a way around providing the best services for ensuring your employees' safety - we can't help you with that, but you have many choices out there!

Audiosha™ was founded on one principle. Providing Workplace Solutions to keep your employees safe.

Our definition of safe employees: Well-equipped experts and trainees who are engaged & comfortable, performing their job duties.

We specialize in providing workplace solutions that cultivate and nurture relationships, with safety:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Services

  • PPE

  • MRO Solutions

  • Industrial Supplies

  • Employee Engagement

Question: When a Regulatory Agency Professional decides to visit your facility (soon), are you fundamentally prepared? The goal of this blog is to help with that.

We will take time in these posts, to provide answers, information, videos and some guidance. Send your (confidential) questions to: and we will also answer some of them, here.

Stay tuned for Safety Videos, Updates and More Information.


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