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Hearing Conservation - A Subject We All Know And Love

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Seriously? Okay, maybe you don't - but we really do! The Audiosha™ Team Members are audiophiles. Our audiologists are doctors, our hearing conservationists are audio engineers and our hearing conservation video was produced by audio-safety specialists (at our recording studio). So we are the people you want, as partners, in your Hearing Conservation Program.

Hearing Conservation Program - Compliance

Required Education & Training

Your official noise survey measurements will answer the question, "Do we need to have a Hearing Conservation Program (HCP)?". Depending on how loud you asked that question - the answer may be pretty easy to guess. As a favor to you (since we're friends) you can use our video to comply with the Annual, Education & Training requirement of the HCP.

Your employees will love it (and so will your finance department). Consider this the beginning of our... Safety-Relationship™. You can thank us, via email:

What does OSHA say about Hearing Conservation? Click Here


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