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What Do Employees Need? FLEXIBILITY. Is COVID-19 the reason? NO!

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

So much has been blamed on the COVID-19 Pandemic, and it has done its unfair share of remodeling the architectures of work and project structures. That being said, not all of the blame is on COVID. In 2018, the Harvard Business Review published an article that clearly signaled the inevitable exit of "white collar" employees from the traditional workforce, but the demand for flexibility has aggressively forced its way into the "blue collar" sector, as well.

Did your company listen and act or did you fall victim to talent-retention complacency? The timing of this 2018 article will assist you in comprehending that COVID-19 cannot be your company's sole excuse for losing experienced team members. It cannot be the only named culprit behind your inability to attract qualified applicants. As Safety-Relationship Experts, it is our mission to protect your workforce. Emotional Well-Being and Mental Wellness are directly related to an employee's Work/Life Balance. The Pandemic and it's tragic, life-altering cycle has afforded communities of employees the courage to step back and evaluate the values of life. Sadly, many companies (small and large) made it very easy for their staff members to view the employer as an obstacle in their journey to living the New American Dream. That new dream leads to Life/Work Prioritization.

Remote job opportunities and flexibility in scheduling and workload are not necessarily the answer, in some cases. You are not alone, in this confusing landscape. We are here for employers, and we can help.

Audiosha specializes in providing creative solutions to improve any workplace. Let us help!

- Adam Jeffery Lomax


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